Grand Haven Area

Community Energy Plan

Your Input, Our Energy Future

How would you power our region's tomorrow? What energy solutions do you believe will benefit everyone in our lakeside community? What are your key energy priorities? Join a collaboration of residents, organizations and other community stakeholders, led by a Michigan-based team of energy experts, to voice your ideas and help shape the future of our region.

What Is a Community Energy Plan?

A community energy plan is a roadmap for managing energy needs in a smarter, more efficient, and more sustainable way. It benchmarks a community's energy usage and provides recommendations for reducing energy waste, decreasing environmental impacts and boosting the local economy by promoting things like renewable energy sources, energy-efficient buildings, and smarter transportation choices. It helps a community define their collective energy goals and take steps towards achieving them. Ultimately, it's about creating a healthier, more resilient community for everyone.

Our Focus

Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency


Local Economy

Climate, Environment & Sustainability

How much cost-effective local renewable energy can we locate in our region?
How can we significantly improve the energy efficiency of our homes and businesses?
How can we best locate EV charging infrastructure in the area?
How can we preserve our natural environment while harnessing the potential of our natural resources?
How can distributed energy resources stimulate local economic growth?

Community Energy Planning Area

Community Energy Planning Process

We start by collecting data on our area's energy use and carbon emissions. This helps us identify the opportunities we can seize and optimize our strategy.
Analysis & Modeling
We analyze our current emissions and forecast our future energy needs. By modeling different scenarios, we explore how various energy choices will impact our community and the environment.
Your voice matters. Through workshops, surveys, and meetings, we gather your valuable insights and ideas. Together, we learn about the benefits of clean energy and share our vision for the future of energy in the Grand Haven area.
Planning & Integration
With your input, we draft a comprehensive energy plan. This plan is aligned with our area's growth and environmental goals. We refine it based on community feedback to ensure it meets our collective needs.
Positioning for Success
In the final stage, we seek funding and partnerships to turn our plan into action. We strategize how to transition to our new energy mix and collaborate with various organizations for successful implementation.
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Project Timeline

September 2023

Research and Engagement Begin

December 2023

Open Houses

January 2024

Community Surveys and Focus Groups

January 2024

Webinars on Details of Community Energy Planning Begin

February 2024

Data Gathering and Analysis Completed

March 2024

First Draft of Plan: Energy and Carbon Benchmarking

April 2024

Stakeholder Input on Plan

April 2024

Second Draft of Plan: Energy and Carbon Forecasts

May 2024

Second Draft of Plan: Decarbonization Priorities

May 2024

Finalize Plan and Stakeholder Presentations