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A Community Energy Plan is a strategic roadmap developed collaboratively by a community or municipality to manage energy use and renewable energy development within its boundaries. It outlines goals and strategies for improving energy efficiency, increasing renewable energy adoption, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, enhancing energy resilience and sustainability, and stimulating local economic benefits.

Community energy plans are developed through collaborative efforts between local government agencies, community organizations, utilities, energy nonprofits/experts, and other stakeholders within the community. This inclusive approach ensures that the plan reflects the needs, priorities, and aspirations of the community.

Community energy plans provide a framework for communities to achieve energy-related goals while also stimulating local economic benefits. By engaging residents and community stakeholders in the planning process, these plans foster ownership, trust, and participation, ultimately leading to more effective and sustainable outcomes that address the unique challenges and opportunities of each community.

The Community Energy Plan is funded through a collaborative effort involving financial support from various stakeholders, including the City of Grand Haven, the City of Ferrysburg, Grand Haven Township, the Grand Haven Area Community Foundation, the Loutit Foundation, and a grant from the State of Michigan’s Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE). These combined resources enable the plan’s development, implementation, and ongoing efforts to promote sustainability and energy efficiency in the region.

Community members are encouraged to attend city meetings, participate in outreach efforts, and spread awareness about the plan among their networks. Additionally, residents can provide recommendations and feedback, ensuring that the plan reflects the community’s needs and priorities. Our community survey is one way you can provide feedback. Our team is also available to meet with you, your neighbors, colleagues at work, members of your civic groups. 

Community energy plans can benefit residents by providing a roadmap for realizing a community’s collective energy goals. This could be lowering energy costs through energy efficiency and renewable energy sources, improving air quality and health by reducing pollution, or enhancing energy security via diversification of energy sources. In doing so they can contribute to a community’s resilience against climate change impacts and stimulate local economic development, creating jobs in the process. They provide a meaningful opportunity for residents to collaborate in planning the future of their community. The Grand Haven Area Community Energy Plan will help our community define our energy aspirations and the steps we can take to achieve them.

The plan’s assessments and recommendations are scheduled to be completed by Summer 2024. An emphasis of the plan will be on securing grants and other funding to begin to implement strategies recommended in the plan. From “plan to proof of concept” is since there are actions that can be taken in the immediate and near-term to make a difference in decarbonizing our region.